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Welcome to the news & events page!  This will highlight any relevant updates and notice of submissions or publications that may interest you.





Home Sweet Horror: Volume 1 is the first in a three part series from Black Ink Fiction. My story, "Castaway Your Glances," appears on page 176. I also really liked "Five Steps from Home" by Matthew Spence on page 31, "Positive Vibes" by Jenny Logan on page 55, and "Jewelry Box" by Samantha Brooke on page 57.

Get your copy today!


I am thrilled to see "The Binge-Watching Cure III: An Anthology of Short Science Fiction Stories" live on Amazon! There were ups and downs, and it was years in the making, but this anthology is close to my heart. When I stepped down as Claren Books editor, and COVID 19 first began, the future of this anthology was in question. It was only through the tireless work of all involved that this was possible!

Get your copy today!


My short story, "Keep Moving Forward," is featured in Queer Sci Fi’s 2023 Flash Contest – Rise. Click here to grab a copy!











My short story, "Lazy Winter Days" is live in the "Happy Howlidays" anothology by Thurston Howl Publications. Click here to grab a copy!

Bill Adler of Claren Books has also decided to revisit and publish The Binge Watching Cure III (the Science Fiction Edition). Tenative publication date is October 1st 2023, but mostly just hoping by the end of 2023. Watch for more details!


My short story, 'Castaway your Glances' will appear in Home Sweet Horror (volume 1 of 3) by Black Ink Fiction!



Quick update on the Happy Howlidays anthology status. It looks like the formatting and editing work is done. Just waiting on a cover, and then the anthology will be released shortly thereafter!


A while back, I entered a short story called "Familial" into the Nemesis Short Fiction Contest hosted by Wicked Taxidermy Press. I just received notice that my story was among the finalists and will be published!



My story, "Castaway Your Glances," will be featured in the upcoming Home Sweet Horror anthology by Black Ink Fiction. More information to follow!


The chief editor is allowing us to share anthology details! I have placed a short F/F Romance in the anthology Happy Howlidays: A Furry Advent Calendar by Thurston Howl Publications (!

This flash-fiction anthology includes authors who can surprise readers with bite-sized treats; one for every day, from the beginning of that special season, till the night before Christmas. Just like you can find different kinds of treats in advent calendars, this anthology is open to any genre and any holiday during the winter season.

All of the stories deal with characters that are anthropomorphized animals, and it should be quite a hoot! Buy links coming soon!


So excited to announce that I have placed a story with an amazing press! I haven't signed the contract yet, so I can't be too specific, but the publication date will be late November. We have already worked through first round edits, and the story is really looking sharp! I'll give you a hint, it's a sweet winter romance.


Shortly after my last update, I started a full-time technical writing job for a multi-billion dollar financial institution. Unfortunately, my creative works had to take a backseat to paying the bills during the pandemic. Now that things are starting to calm down, I am ready to send out some new subs! I have also since stepped down as the acquisitions editor for Claren Books, although I do hope my last project will them will be published as planned!



It's been a busy year. With the outbreak of Covid19 several of the project timetables I have been working on have shifted. Some of them are on hold, some are fast tracked, and some are in limbo. Flexibility is going to be a key word this year.





I donated a story to this charitable anthology in support of the Australian wildfires. It's an anthology of dark Valentine's Day tales. The preorder is already up for the Feb. 5th release.
































My story Rainclouds has been accepted for the anthology "Mother Ghost's Grimm Volume two" from Nocturnal Sirens press. It will probably be out sometime around Easter. I don't love the cover, but hopefully the stories will make up for it.





The Binge-Watching Cure II is live on Amazon! There were several delays that put us behind, but we got it all sorted before the new year. If you want to learn more about our authors and the anthology, check out this Arm Cast Podcast hosted by Armand Rosamilia.

































My short story "Natural Reaction" has been selected for inclusion on Blood and Beetles, an anthology by Suicide House Publishing. The release date is scheduled for April 18th, but you can preorder the ebook on Amazon now. This anthology features horror about insects, but it will also feature some lovely illustrations for the contributed stories.



























We finished contract negotiations with Abigail Larson for her piece "Monster in the Closet." It will be featured as the cover art in The Binge Watching Cure Horror Edition. I'm a longtime fan of Abigail Larson. If you have never seen her portfolio, I strongly recommend that you check her out. Her work has an ethereal, mysterious beauty to it. This piece in particular is so charming. I am excessively excited that we get to use it.



































We are working on edits for The Binge Watching Cure Horror Edition over at Claren Books. Most of the deep content edits are done, so it's more a matter of line edits and consistency edits at this point. My drabble "So I Can Jump Inside" is live on The Horror Tree today.






The Horror Tree is a wonderful resource for authors. They do sub calls, updates, blog posts, and much more. I recommend them to new, emerging writers and seasoned folks alike. They have compiled an ebook of the year’s best work they've featured. My story, Dabblers, is in this collection.




































The kindle edition of Ruth's Recurring Nightmares is live on Amazon. The cover art is dark and spooky, perfect for October. The formatting is hit or miss on the desktop, but I'm hoping we will get a paperback version.






































My story "Hellhounds" is featured in Hidden Menagerie Vol. 1. I know I've said it before, but creature fiction is probably one of my favorite themes. There are so many possibilities. The content is fresh and exciting - which is hard to find these days. The ebook is up now and paperback soon to follow.
















































I made an advertisement for The Binge Watching Cure for a magazine. Also completely obsessed with reading for the all horror edition.








































I found a home for "Replacement!" This was a story that I loved, but it had a lot of issues. The folks with Recurring Nightmares are doing some extensive edits. That doesn't bother me at all. Sometimes you have to gut and shape and change a story to make it realize it's full potential.



My hellhound story has been accepted by Dragon's Roost Press for their Hidden Animals anthology. It's already been fully funded on Kickstarter. We still have to go through edits, so it's a ways off, but who doesn't love some good cryptid / creature fiction!



I had hoped The Binge Watching Cure would launch yet this year, but it looks like it's going to have to be the first quarter of next year. We had issues with one authors and had to replace them, the payments are slowed by international transfers, the proof needed a little reworking. I suppose delays are just part of the business. I really want this to be an amazing launch, I've spent over a year working on it.



I've been shopping around a short story called Rogue Texidermy. I debated posting it here, but ultimately decided to give it a limited chapbook release.


"Senna Collins is a normal girl from a small town full of whispers and sideways glances. For the past few weeks, all of those whispers have been about her failed declaration of love for a girl at school. Senna wants to hide out in the cornfields until it all blows over.

To make matters worse, a carnival has set up in a field near town. It’s too awkward for Senna to go with her friends, but if she stays home, she will be an outsider in every conversation for weeks. She’ll have to check it out, alone. There’s just one problem, this is no ordinary carnival.

One of the acts is bringing the dead to life-literally. Senna soon finds herself in the center of a madhouse of carnies and townspeople. Will she capture the heart of an exotic necromancer, or is the relationship dead from the start?"



I'm in talks with Nate over at SBG Publishing. They might pick up one of the children's book manuscripts I've been working on. I'm excited about the idea of working with them. They are a small press, but they work hard and put out exellent content. Their artists and designers are top notch.



I'm pleased to show you the cover art for The Binge Watching Cure! The edits are going smoothly-lots of commas and changes for consistency. Most of the stories are already tightly written.





































Everything is going well for the first edition of The Binge Watching Cure. We only need one more contract before we can move on to the editing phase. We are tossing around the idea of a new cover design. I like the original cover, but it doesn't really capture the feeling of the book. Now that we are pulling everything together, it just has a different atmosphere.


Also, my story "Companion" was picked up by Smoking Pen Press for their anthology "Uncommon Pet Tales."










































It has been a while since I updated. I've taken a step back from my own writing in the past months because Claren Books made me their editor! I've been working on aquisitions for The Binge Watching Cure, as well as weaving myself into their existing projects. We released the crime thriller, Fatal Gift, by Michael Frase. The Binge Watching Cure II (horror edition) is currently accepting submissions. There are so many exciting things happening!



I've been reading for an anthology. It's taking up a lot of my time (hours and hours of reading). Honestly, I know that might sound rough to some of you, but I love it. I am really invested in the project, and it's amazing to see the different talent / help to shape the book with the rest of the editorial team. It's going to be a hit, and I an honored to be a part of the process. I haven't really said much about what that publication is or what the anthology will be. That is intentional on my part. I'm just one cog in the machine. I don't want anyone to try and influence my reading. I also want to be free to talk about the process without having to worry about how that commentary will affect the authors.



The table of contents for The Patchwork Raven's newest anthology, Twelve Days, has been released. I'm incredibly excited about my first holiday themed project. It sounds like there is going to be a special edition picture book with illustrations custom made for each story. I'm sure they will come up with something amazing. To tell you a little bit more about this anthology, the theme was the twelve days of christmas, but very loosely. My story, for example, is sort of mainstream sort of horror. The connection is there, but it's not going to be a case where three hens wander past the protagonist or anything like that. All of the stories creatively worked in the theme.




Trigger Warnings is featuring my story, A Study in Grey. John Skewes did the artwork to go along with the post. I find his style elegant, charming, and right to the point.




An acceptance letter just came through the wire. I'm excited about the project, but I can't say much until the TOC is released. If you didn't see it, I was also featured on the Deadman's Tome podcast. It was random, and a little NSFW, but all in good fun.




Release Day! I think this might be my last scheduled release of the year (not including Tomato Slices and Forever Hungry, who have already been announced and gone through their crowdfunding phases). Siren's Call Publications presents Mental Ward: Experiments. They focus on eBook runs, but there is an option to buy a print copy from createspace if you'd rather a hard copy.


It's been an exciting year. I've have the privilege to work with several small presses and participate in their process. I've learned quite a bit, and I hope to move forward with the knowledge and experience backing me up.




Deadman's Tome, a horror ezine, is featuring a short story of mine. It is free to read and I get paid based off of the number of reads, likes, comments, etc so please consider popping over and reading it. If you enjoy it, there is a box at the bottom to like and/or share. Thanks!




The Body, by Horrified Press, was released on 10th.


I've been working on some children's book submissions lately. It's a completely different submission process since many publishers still want paper copies.




Several of the 'open till filled' anthologies I am a part of have begun moving forward with their publication. The Body, by Horrified Press, should be dropping in the relatively near future. They have several open calls for submissions, so if you are looking for a market here is their list.


Forever Hungry is currently in the crowdfunding phase. If you have a craving for zombie stories, then you can head over and devour the book.




A few interesting things are happening this week. Oddisms is available now! It looks like a kookie, fun collection. I can't wait to read it.


The Tomato Slices kickstarter is well under way. They have already raised about half of the goal. Check out various unique perks including artwork, images, and some bottle charms provided by myself!



I'm working on some review slides this week. Next week I will probably move on to quotes from interviews and general author commentary. My interview on Sallie's Book Reviews and More is live. Sallie enjoys featuring emerging authors, so consider asking about a review or a blog spot if you are looking for quality connections and a fun, professional experience.





























Here is a tenative cover design for Tomato Slices.






























I've been working on some interviews and author spotlights recently. Mercedes Fox did a wonderful interview on her blog. She shares a lot of interesting content, so please check it out here if you get the chance. Another spotlight came from the intelligent and knowledgeable Tierney James for her segment Speed Dating for Readers.


I got a really wonderful interview from Davina Gadkar. It made me so happy that I am going to post it here. I cannot thank her enough for taking the time to read the book and review it.


"I'd like to start off this review by thanking the author, Sarah Doebereiner, for sending me this book! I appreciate it, and I really enjoyed reading this wonderful book. Okay, back to the review.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Sarah kept the book short, which I think worked in her favour with this book. There were no parts that bored me, and since it was short, I was able to stay hooked throughout the novel. I really liked the way this book was written, switching between the perspectives of Sylvia and Crystal. This really helped the reader get a thorough understanding of the story and we were able to connect with the characters. I really enjoyed the friendship of Crystal and Sylvia. It was realistic, with their little disagreements and different ways of thinking, but that made the book easier to connect to.

I thought it was so interesting how they both had their tragic secrets. Crystal really liked Sylvia but Sylvia liked guys and she was violent. They were both dramatic secrets and they really enhanced the plot. I loved seeing how the both of them talked it through and solved each others issues. They really were able to realize that sometimes the only way to fix each others issues is by working together. Their relationship was so tentative and beautiful. It was the realest type of relationship and it made me feel very happy.

If I were to change anything about the book, I would label whose perspective each chapter is being told from. I think by the end, once we got to understand the characters, it was super easy to differentiate between them but at the beginning I found it so hard because we didn't know the characters that well. It made it confusing and at the beginning of each chapter I had to figure out who was telling it and then go back to actually read it. A very minor thing but I don't think everyone will go through it so it's fine.

Also, I felt like although the author did a good job about revealing Sylvia's secret in parts to add to the dramatic purpose, I think it could have been intensified. Maybe adding a chapter that was a flashback with Sylvia's past relationships would have helped the reader understand the severity of her issue and intensify the emotional response. However, I do believe the novel still got its point across without it.

My favourite part of the book was right after their first date when Sylvia started hurting herself. It really was intense and it had me sitting on the edge of my chair! I was so worried that it would be something tragic like she would die, but she didn't, so I was relieved. "Unlike emotional trauma, this pain was something tangible that she could process." That was a very climatic moment and the author did a wonderful job of slowly leading us to it and then shocking us.

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone because it is an unique story that covers many topics and it is very enlightening. My favourite quote would have to be, "Confessing something so monumental was like ripping the scab off of an old wound. It hurt. It burned inside like a slowly roaring fire. Yet, if the scab never came off, then the secret festered. It rotted all of the healthy skin around it until everything was consumed." How poetic and beautifully written! =D

Overall, besides a few minor things, I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I read it in two sittings because it was so intriguing and I was very much impressed by it. It really took sensitive topics and put it in a new light. Amazing read!!"



I am hosting a giveaway through Goodreads for A Turbulent Affair that will run through Feb 14th. So far I have a few reviewers and bloggers who have signed on to review it. The response has been mixed between three and five stars, but I am pretty happy with that honestly. Most people have found something to like about it, and at least they are reading it.



Fright Mare-Women Write Horror has been released a bit earlier than expected. It is available for purchase here in paperback or ebook format. I can't wait to read what all these talented ladies have in store for us.




The day is finally here! My novella, A Turbulent Affair, is for sale. I want to thank the team at Black Opal Books for devoting their time and energy to make this release possible. The book is available for sale on their website.



























Women in Horror Annual has released a tenative cover design!



























Things have been running smoothly in this chilly new year. The crowdfunding campaign for Tomato Slices is set to begin in March.  My Thunderclap campaign for A Turbulent Affair has reached 36 out of the needed 100 people with about 11 days to go. I don't think I am going to make it since the topic of the book is tailored to a very specific audience, but it's still been a good experience. I got an acceptance last night, but I can't say much about it until the table of contents for the anthology is released. When I'm not working on projects, I am keeping mysel busy with my slush reading.



A Turbulent affair has a release date (Jan. 16, 2016)! I need to go through the gallery proof and finalize the teaser and dedications. Working with Jack on my cover, and I think it's going well. We are trying to find something tasteful that really screams romance.



I received and accepted a bid to publish my short story, Ballerina, in the upcoming Fright Mare anthology by Billie Sue Mosiman and DM Publishing. The anthology features all female authors. The release date for the anthology is February 2016 to coincide with Women in Horror Month. Below is a preview of the cover art.



























The Winter of Zombie 2015 has ended, but there is still time for our podcast with Armand Rosamilia for the Arm Cast Podcast! Check it out! There is also a contest running alongside the launch which can be found here and is running until Monday the 7th.



The Arm Cast Podcast interview was today. I felt like it went super well. Armand is great and the whole tone is laid back and conversational so hopefully it will have a more organic feeling. The podcast should go live in early December. I hope I didn't throw out too many 'uhms'. If I did, please forgive me. This was my first experience with a podcast interview. I'm so happy. It was a very enjoyable and positive experience.



I finished my first round of edits today and sent them back to Faith. I am a lilttle more nervous about the process than I thought I would be. However, I am confident you will all enjoy the finished product. I have a few mock ups for covers, but nothing is settled yet.


I am scheduled to appear on the Arm Cast Podcast on the 24th of November at 10am. I am not sure when it will air though.



Spent some time working on edits for 'Anomaly', which will be featured in the anthology Mental Ward: Experiments by Siren's Call publications.



Women in Horror Annual has a new online presence. Find them here on facebook or twitter. This anthology isn't a paying market, but they will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to help fund advertising and production. I will share more information as I know more.


On the same note, the revisions for 'Anna' came back faster than I expected. Rachel and Christine are passionate editors. I think the piece will end up being retitled to something more appropriately fitting of the subject matter. I suggested 'Lineage', but I am still waiting to hear back from them to see what they think.



Today, I got my edits back for A Turbulent Affair from my editor at Black Opal Books. She is very insightful. She made some wonderful suggestions as well as logical line edits that will strengthen the overall quality of the story. There are still a few things we need to address, but the progress is encouraging.



I will be participating in the Winter of Zombie 2015 blog tour hosted by Armand Rosamilia. There will be contests, giveaways, interviews, guest posts, and more. If you are interested there is a facebook event here:

Winter of Zombie 2015.



I have been participating in pitch events on Twitter lately to try to find a good match to represent or publish the manuscript I have been working on. I did get one favorite from the editor that I was eyeing, so that is exciting news. I researched her preferences a bit and send the query a few days ago. I know things like this are a good mix of luck, but it is encouraging to get a nibble so early in my submission process.



I was selected to help out with a thesis project on women in horror. I hope my statistics are helpful. I feel like I have a fairly low acceptance rates, and I will be interested to see the final data across the board on the variation between submissions vs acceptances in the female crowd.



A story that I have been working on tweaking for a long time found a home today. It may be a little while before I have more information about this one, but it's a story I really like, and I hope you like it too when it comes out.



The first review for Sunny with a Chance of Zombies is out and it's mostly positive. The reviewer noted my story as one of the stronger pieces. I'm happy and excited. Here is a link to the full review. Read the review!




I am reorganizing this page so please let me know if links aren't working properly or if you have any other problems. Thank you for all of your support.




Some of you may recall that my story, "Our Internal Lives" was featured in the Dayton Daily Newspaper's short story contest. That story is now also a part of The AWW Collection featuring other scholarship and contest winners. It is available for purchase here.




Roar 6 by FurPlanet productions is now available for preorder! I am one of the artists featured in this anthology. I had never written furry fiction before, so it was an exciting and challenging experience. I am proud to be a part of this project and so happy that they accepted me. Special thanks to our editor Mary E. Lowd.


Check it out!



Sunny with a Chance of Zombies is available in paperback on Amazon! It should be out in digital format soon. Thank you everyone who worked hard on this project, especially our awesome editor Dion Winton-Polak.

Order here!




Here is a special sneak peek at the cover for Sunny with a Chance of Zombies.  This cover is by Stephen Cooney. See more of his work and commission information at: @cooneyart or






























In preparation for the release of Sunny with a Chance of Zombies, Dion Winton-Polak is looking for some blogger/reviewers who would be interested in a digital copy.  I'm not sure how many copies they will give out or for how long, so you should reach out to him right away. For more information visit: this page.




I had some pictures taken to potentially use in conjunction with my writing.  Let me know what you think!




I got my first writer related payment today.  It was a small sum for a per word rate piece.  It may seem silly, but I feel like I can actually call myself a professional writer.  I've been featured in publications, placed with good standing in contest, and other marks of an aspiring writer.  There is just something about getting paid for your work (royalties, per word, contributor copy, etc) that makes you feel like someone out there really cared about and valued your work.




Here is my first attempt at a guest blog post.  I've never blogged before, so it was difficult to write as though I was addressing the audience.  I think it's a little clunky, but I hope you enjoy it.


Guest Post




I found my cover artist!  I arranged a commission from Luke Spooner.  You've probably seen his work in multiple small presses. I know he will do an excellent job translating my words into a visual format. Many of his illustrations are abstract and dark, which I think will be the perfect mood for my cover. To find out more about him visit: .




I officially signed my contract with Black Opal Books today.  The manuscript should be going for edits soon. I've been in contact with a few potential artists for cover designs.  Nothing is finalized yet in that department.  Black Opal allows me to provide my own cover art as long as they approve it.




I have been accepted for an anthology by FurPlanet Productions.  It's like nothing I have written in the past, so I am excited about the project.  One of the best parts of writing short stories in a freelance capacity is that it allows me to write on a variety of topic and genres.




We finished edits for my story under contract with Knightwatch Press today. The title is scheduled for release in July 2015.  Keep an eye out for further updates so you don't miss it!




Watch for a Kickstarter campaign launching for a new anthology by Amoeba Ink in the near future (March or April) because I will be featured in this project. Cover art is set. Any contributions will go towards cost of publication, advertisement, author payment, etc.  Amoeba Ink has requested that those inclined to donate do so on the first day of the campaign.  More information to follow.




Exciting news! I received an offer from Black Opal Books to publish my F/F romance novella, A Turbulent Affair.  Contract details are pending.  I am excited to work with the Black Opal team. I will post more details as the project takes shape, and I have a better idea of release date and other pertinent information.


I also have two other contracts signed.




The New Year has been busy. I am working on my YA paranormal mystery story.  I have many submissions out, but it's kind of a waiting game now.  It usually takes a few months to hear back from folks depending on: deadline, workload, and how seriously they are considering my submission. 




I just received notice that The Screech Owl has given my poem "Grow Upwards" a home in their publication. Their page updates on Thursdays, but they are taking a winter hiatus in the near future and will not be adding new pieces until the New Year.  The poem may be available to read soon, or it may take a little while.  I am incredibly pleased to work with them!


 Check them out!




Since finishing my novella, A Turbulent Affair, I have considered sending it out to traditional publishers.  It seems like the eMarket for contemporary romance novellas is still strong.  The print market seems much less accepting.  I'm seriously debating trying to find a traditional publisher, or using createspace or similar platform to publish it myself.




I received notification that a story I submitted is being held for further consideration.  It's especially exciting because I have never written anything in the genre before.  The story is definitely a departure from the things I usually write, so I wasn't sure how well it would be received.  The editor let me know it really depends on what other stories they get, and what theme they decide to use.  So they may not end up taking it.  But here is hoping!



NoodleDoodle Publications

I've just received acceptance to a short anthology created and marketed by NoodleDoodle Publications.  NoodleDoodle is a very small indie press that just recently celebrated its first year in the market.  The anthology will be composed of exclusively flash fiction.  It will be available in traditional print as well as in ebook format, and should support most -if not all- device platforms.  Information to follow.





Nexus Literary Journal

I received an offer to have a photograph I took published in the fall edition of Nexus Literary Journal.  Nexus is tied to Wright State University.  It is run by a staff of students and faculty from Wright State University.  The photograph will be featured in their special Halloween segment: What Goes Bump in the Night.




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